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We have been traveling full time for 773 weeks, driven 134,970 miles, visiting 50 states and 5 provinces (06-2021) in this motorhome. No, we did not take the motorhome to Hawaii but did visit since fulltiming. We are equal opportunity travelers. We have stayed at Walmart for free and we stayed at Motorcoach Country Club in Indio, California at $99 per night (04-2012). We have met hundreds of the nicest people on the road and later stayed with some at their homes. We have been thrilled with the products and services that we have used and are pleased to share our findings with you.

We have analyzed motorhomes, accessories, services and RV parks. We have developed a technique to find parks we visit, and a great way to plan our travel routes. We have so enjoyed the people we have met and the joy that we have together has been amazing. Living only in a motorhome can be challenging, but we choose to live no other way.

Obviously, if you are just like us, you could do everything we did and be very happy. But every couple and every person is different. So we offer our products and ideas so that you can pick from them knowing that if you do what we did you will know that your choices are good and sometimes they are perfect! And more importantly, you will avoid decisions that make you unhappy and may cost hundreds or thousands of dollars.

Why access this web site when there are dozens of web sites about living in a motorhome full time? Several reasons:
1) We analyze everything we do. We choose products and services only after a thorough analysis. If you do not like to do research, we are here to help.
2) Our experience bears out that we made adequate decisions. And you can benefit from our lengthy analysis of all that we've learned. Buy products we did or use our reviews as a starting point for your own research.
3) You can email us with questions and comments and you will get an answer in short order. And finally . . .
4) While we list many products and services here, we are not selling anything but knowledge. We have used all these products and services. We recommend them but receive no commissions or fees. Big Rig Bible is Ad Free.

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