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To us, it was so frustrating to read books or web sites that are outdated. This site is will not disappoint you. All articles have a reference number and the dates written and revised so that you know the accuracy and timeliness of the information. Any data within a page that might be time dependent is annotated with a date, e.g. (10-2008). For example, we have been full timing for nine years (04-2015), means that as of April of 2015, it has been nine years, not that we started in April, 2015. These dates will help you to assess if the information is pertinent to your travels today. Prices shown are full retail prices as of the date shown in parentheses.

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The Lord has blessed us with full time travel. It is our goal to help you to enjoy what we have, without making expensive mistakes. We hope that we can serve you with this web site.

Pete and Ellen Mattson

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