Favorite Photos #24 Fairbanks, Alaska

We continue our Favorite Series with Fairbanks photos from summer 2009.

"I wonder when we can get back to Alaska!"

You have to think it is difficult to put mail in some of these boxes.

Be sure to visit the Fairbanks Viewpoint. The Trans-Alaska Pipeline is a amazing accomplishment.

The Riverboat Discovery tour is great, starting here at Steamboat Landing.

Jim and Mary Binkley began this river tour in 1950 with a 25 passenger boat. Today's 900 seat vessel gives you a good grasp of Alaskan history and it is fun!

Chena Hot Springs Resort is 61 miles from Fairbanks and well worth the trip. They have RV dry camping (for a fee) and that gives you a couple days to take it all in.

This squirrel got to stay for free.

Moose usually run from people and hide. But Ellen found this guy to be very social.

This guy was also very social but Ellen kept her distance.

The Aurora Ice Museum is the world's largest year round ice structure. It is kept cool by using the steam power from the hot springs to refrigerate it during the summer.

Sit down and have a Appletini beverage from an ice glass that you can keep until it melts.

The two knights jousting is just one of dozens of amazing ice sculptures.

Getting too cold? Jump into one of the many heated ponds, pools and spas.

No need for these vehicles until winter when its down to 30 below zero.

Camp Li-Wa is a Christian camp where we volunteered for the month of June.

Canoeing is fun for the kids that come for summer camp.

Beautiful wetlands.

This might be the Alaska Bridge to Nowhere!

God's natural camouflage.

The mother duck and chicks are more noticeable here than in the last photo.

The SOWER's version of the Abbey Road album cover photo.

Nice home along the Tanana River.

The Air Force reconnaissance plane flies over to check out Camp Li-wa.

We are still in Atascadero healing our bodies. Ellen is recovering from heel bone spur surgery. She is walking on crutches with some non-crutch hobbling. Pete had cataract surgery in both eyes and has mended. We look forward to new venues but that won't happen until October. More Alaskan photos are coming your way.

With love, Pete, Ellen and Mandy

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