Happy 242th Birthday USA

We had the pleasure of attending a Good Ole Fashioned 4th of July celebration at Sculpterra Winery.

The winery is owned and operated by the Dr. Warren Frankel family in Paso Robles, California.

We know the Frankels from attending North County Christian School. Son, Paul, is now the wine maker.

Pete coached basketball for Paul's brother Luke for many years.

The winery's name embodies the mixture of the sculpture and wine grapes.

As we arrived Dr. Frankel was addressing the crowd and we discovered our good friends Steve and Susan were at the event. This was a very patriotic event with the Pledge of Allegiance, color guard, God Bless America and other songs.

As the US flag was brought in, even Prince Harry stood up.

The National Anthem was delivered and all stood up and sang.

Festivities continued with free hot dogs, pizza, Mexican food, apple pie ala mode and more. A car show is always a favorite.

Weren't the 50's a great time for stylish cars? Two 1959's, an Edsel and Buick Victor. A lot of people thought the Edsel grill was too weird. We think the newest Lexus owes the Edsel an apology.

1955 Chevy like Pete's first car and a 1929? Ford Model A like that of Tom, Pete's best friend.

The military was celebrated with a local airport flyover.

John Jaggar was the first artist commissioned to create for Sculpterra. We had the pleasure of knowing him when we went to church together. John went to be with the Lord in 2013. The Mammoth sculpture, one of dozens of enormous art pieces at the winery.

Long line for the Mexican food and plenty of tables to sit and enjoy it.

Army National Guard came from Camp Roberts with equipment and displays.

There were country songs and dancing . . .

. . . wine tasting and even artwork in the lavatory!

After John Jaggar's passing Dale Evers has continued with amazing art. This is Mega Focus.

Golden Morning greets you as you enter and leave the gardens. See more of this beautiful place at Sculpterra Winery and Sculpture Gardens

Ellen, on her last leg, heads to the car.

Ellen with her new leg after surgery two days later. Ellen had a large bone spur removed from her left leg. Mandy, as always, takes care of her mama. All prayers are coveted during this 3 to 12 month recovery.

We'll be back again next week with more favorite photos.

With patriotism and love for our country, Pete, Ellen and Mandy

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