Favorite Photos #20 British Columbia

This week we continue presenting our favorite photos chronologically. In 2009 we left the Northwest states and headed into British Columbia. The MotherShip is always happy to spend a free night at Pete's best friends' house in Ashland, Oregon.

Nice view from the house.

Columbia River RV Park in Portland, Oregon.

"Hey, if you don't like the weather, stay around for another day."

Why is this a favorite photo? Ellen arrives at SeaTac in Seattle, Washington. Pete had been alone in the MotherShip since Sacramento, California where Ellen took a train to Atascadero.

Peace Arch Park which spans the United States / Canadian border.

These tulips are in the huge Vancouver Stanley Park in city of Vancouver, BC.

Vancouver as seen from Stanley Park.

River between Pemberton and Lillooet BC. At only 3,000 feet elevation it was frozen over in May 2009.

Amazing reminder that the MotherShip could easily go up and down a 13% grade, who knew?

Lillooet Lake, BC.

Always one of Pete's favorites.

Fraser Cover RV Park on the Fraser River in Lillooet.

View from the footbridge you saw in the previous photo.

Ellen took this photo of the Fraser River at 9:00 am. The sun made the river so bright that the camera darkened the river banks even though they were totally lit up as well.

The waters of Pavilion Lake, in Marble Canyon, are a beautiful turquoise.

This would make for a great picture jigsaw puzzle.

We are truly blessed to be able to work from an office with this view.

This "office" was on McLeese Lake as are next four photos.

McLeod Lake between Prince George and Dawson Creek, BC.

The Canadian Rockies.

As always our favorite photos are presented without any modifications. We want to show our viewers what God has created without our interference. Using digital editing you can make most any photo outstanding. But, these are just snapshots with good framing. You can do the same with any high quality camera. Ours is the Sony CyberShot DSC-HX200V.

With love, Pete, Ellen and Mandy

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