River Photo Collection #2

River Photo Collection part two begins on the San Antonio River in Texas. This River Walk is the most famous in America.

But, there are many others and this one in Pueblo, Colorado is beautiful. This walk is on the Arkansas River which flows from Colorado through Kansas, Oklahoma and onto Arkansas.

Our good friend Brad enjoys the Zion River that cuts through Zion National Park.

We have encountered the Colorado River numerous times on our travels. This time in Laughlin, Nevada when we took Riverside Casino's afternoon cruise.

This couple in the Pecos River Village Recreational Center at Carlsbad, New Mexico enjoy a nice stretch of the Pecos River.

We met these two Texans at the remains of the Boquillas Hot Springs in Big Bend National Park. The spa was built in 1909 by J.O. Langford a native of Missouri. That is Mexico just across the Rio Grande River.

Ellen is pretty happy to be at this Rio Grande River overlook in Big Bend National Park. We usually think of the USA and Mexico as quite different countries but they look pretty similar here.

Moving from Texas to New York we get a grand view of the Niagara River.

The American Falls on the left and the Canadian Horseshoe Falls straight ahead keep plenty of water flowing into the Niagara.

The Great Miami River is in Ohio, who'da thunk it? Probably cousins MaryEllen and Jeff who enjoyed a sunny day float on the river. Obviously, Jeff should get a bigger kayak!

The Missouri Wall of Fame borders the river of the same name in Cape Girardeau. It features 45 (as of 2-2017) famous people either born in Missouri or those who achieved fame there.

The Grand Rogue River provided a nice float near Grand Rapids, Michigan. The Grand Rogue Campground provided the kayaks and dropped us off to start the journey.

You can get a free ferry ride at Dawson City, Yukon. The boat looks small but still it easily carried the MotherShip across the Yukon River.

This brown bear and others show up everyday in Hyder, Alaska at Fish Creek. Hyder, Alaska is a US landlocked town about a one mile wide and a few miles long. You must enter and leave at the same port of entry in Stewart, British Columbia. There is no US border guard when traveling from BC to Hyder. When you leave you must stop at the Canadian border station. On our trip a young Candian border guard asked, "Where are you coming from?". At little stunned, Pete thought about it and guessed "Hyder?". "Ok, you may continue!" said the guard.

This section of the Fall River is just below the Feather Falls. This river feeds Lake Oroville, California's second largest water resevoir.

These kids enjoy each others company on the Missouri River at Cedar Shore Resort, South Dakota.

Engineers created this fabulous portion of Hwy 70 alongside the Colorado River near Glenwood Springs, Colorado.

It is just hard to get away from the Colorado when in the Southwest. These shots were taken from the bridge at Marble Canyon, Arizona.

The Animas River passes through Durango, Colorado shown here from Durango Riverside RV Resort.

From a Canton, Missouri city RV park we close our collection with the sunrise appearing over the Mississipi River.

With love, Pete, Ellen and Mandy