Yellowstone National Park Photo Collection:

Yellowstone is our most amazing national park designated in 1872. The park is a dormant volcano caldera. Dormant as in volcanic eruptions. Dormant but still capable. The result of its historic eruptions is lakes, rivers, geysers, steam vents, mud pots and other impressive natural wonders. The road system is a 130 mile figure-eight which will treat you to unique features every few miles. Be sure and take a mile-by-mile guide; without it you will miss some delightful sights or have to back track to see them.

Pete visited Yellowstone with his family in the 1950's. Pete and Ellen visited on their 30-day honeymoon in 1974. Since our MotherShip travels began in 2006 we have twice returned to the park. And yet, we still have seen only a fraction of what is there.

Coming in the southern entrance, the ranger kiosks have the look of our first visit. After paying your fees, you get a good glimpse of the billions of trees that surround you throughout the park.

Water streams out of the caldera everywhere as shown in this photo of the Lewis River. The rivers are wide and beautiful and many of the roads give you scenic lookouts.

Yellowstone is jammed with wildlife. Bison are everywhere; at a distance here, but they will block your road or wander into the public areas. Do not approach them as they are dangerous.

Upper Yellowstone Falls is so impressive that you will want to sit and watch it for hours.

Smaller streams wander through the park zigzagging under the roads. Steam is rising all day, everyday and lets you know the molten lava is lurking under your feet.

Also very dangerous are the elk. This papa and his calves keep their distance and you should too. When a bison stares you down, just move on.

The river canyons are just breathtaking!

Gibson Falls is one you might miss. Driving one direction you will see it out your window or over your ScooterShip windshield. But, driving in the opposite direction you would only see it in your rear view mirror, if you were looking. This is why you need the mile-by-mile guide.

Some of the rivers are placid, others are raging.

Gorgeous meadows are for your enjoyment, with or without wildlife.

This skinny little coyote was friendly and did not try to eat us.

Not everything is the park is natural.

1) The national park service used these 1936 White Motor Company Model 706 14-passenger buses. In the 50's Pete and his family traveled from Burlington, Iowa to the park by train; they did not have daily transportation.The Yellowstone Park Company provided this service then and for many years after. Today these restored buses are privately owned by individuals who meet annually from around the country.

2) Wildlife is great, but hey, it's always fun to raft down the Yellowstone River.

Rivers vary from slow movers to rapids.

The massive fire of 1988 left 1250 square miles of burnt-out debris. But, it gave us this early morning silhouette.

Canyons and rivers are everywhere giving you great lunch-time views.

Mammoth Hot Springs are continually formed when hot water flows from the Norris Geyser Basin through limestone and surfaces here.

How Not to Visit Yellowstone in your Motorhome: This motorhome burst into flames and was totally gone in minutes. This reminds us of our visit to a London, Kentucky RV salvage yard. Of the hundreds of salvaged motorhomes, about half were burnt up. Asking the source of these fires, the yard owner replied "most were caused when the insurance policy got too close to the payment booklet".

Old Faithful: Myth has it that it erupts every hour. While not true, you should always wait for it. It will erupt within 35 to 120 minutes of its last episode. It will shoot up 90 to 184 feet and last from 1.5 to 5 minutes. While you wait you can get a snack or drink at the adjacent Old Faithful Lodge.

Young Faithfuls: Myth has it that they will send you a travelogue every week. While not true, you should always wait for it. It will come within 1 to 3 weeks of the last issue. It will shoot out 20 to 30 photos and give you anywhere from 0 to 20 minutes of enjoyment. While you wait you can get a snack or drink from, well, anywhere you want.

Have a great Thanksgiving. We are thankful for our family, each other, the chance we have had to travel and for your friendship.

May the Lord bless you and your family.

Love, Pete, Ellen and Mandy (We did not include her in this issue as she was not whelped when these photos were taken.)

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