Happy Labor Day!

Do you know why Labor Day is a national holiday? It is a day to celebrate the labor movement and the contributions that workers have made to our country. So how do we celebrate Labor Day? By taking the day off of course! Enjoy your day as we bring you more of our favorite photos.

Hoover Dam used lots of labor with peak employment at 5,251 in 1934. Workers still labor today to keep the generator room so clean and beautiful.

The gorgeous Colorado River flows out of the dam.

Prior to the various dams on the Colorado River, the river was red from all the silt stirred up by the rushing water. Today it is pure blue and should be called the Azul River.

The Nevada city of Pahrump is not all that pretty, but it looks inviting here at Lakeside Casino and RV Park.

The Lake. We choose our favorite photos for many reasons: subject, colors, lighting, natural framing (as above). This photo was chosen for its peacefulness.

The grounds at Lakeside RV Park.

Most every picture is a delight at Rincon Parkway, north of Ventura on California Highway 1.

Jared shows his skill as he flies over Janice's head.

Paso Robles' Clock Tower Acorn Building was built in 2006 by the Mastagni family. It replaced the 1892 Mastagni building that collapsed during the 2003 6.5-magnitude San Simeon Earthquake.

Wildflowers on La Panza Road east of Creston, California.

Aren't God's creations amazing!

The Pacific Coast at Pacifica, California (just south of San Francisco).

Dancing pigs at Peet's Coffee shop in Davis, California.

California's state capitol building in Sacramento.

Shaking Hands at 555 Capitol Mall, Sacramento, California.

The Delta Queen Hotel in Old Town Sacramento.

Happy turtle near the Delta Queen.

Happy MotherShip at Bill's house in Loomis, California. Bill was our inspiration to purchase our motorhome. He created a private site for us when he built this house. Yes, it has full hookups!

Now this is a beautiful sight. We bought the MotherShip from DeMartini RV in Grass Valley, California. When we purchased from DeMartini, his old downtown lot was so small we drove by it on our first pass. Today, his new location has more Class A diesel motorhomes than any dealer we have visited.

We are still in Paso Robles but are planning our winter time stays. We'll bring more favorites photos until we get moving.

Love, Pete, Ellen and Mandy

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