Big Rig Bible History:

Big Rig Bible is our travel web site. Each week of travel we add more photos and blah, blah, blah, sometimes daily. It did not start out that way.

For 29 years we stayed in Atascadero, California and raised six children and traveled very little. Now, we wanted to see some of the good ole USA. On 4-5-6 we purchased the Mothership, a 41-foot, 2006 Monaco Diplomat diesel pusher motorhome. For four months we camped in our driveway and prepared for our first journey. We sold all our possessions, rented our house, and on August 15, 2006, we started our full time travels. About a dozen family and friends asked for us to email "back home" to keep in touch. The list of email recipients grew to 35 in one week and now is hundreds.

In 2008 we decided to archive all the emails onto a web site for those who missed the early emails and so that we could read it and remember as well! That was the beginning of Today it has 464 weeks of "Travelogues", some would them call Blog entries. It also has 224 more pages of information about full time motorhome living. Every one of its 12,000+ photos has a caption to let the reader know what they are viewing and the location.

While we still move about quite a bit, we can be in the Central California area many months of the year. As such, we have no new material to tantalize our readers. Many have told us that we should publish a book about our travels. However, printed pages are outdated so quickly in today's fast paced world. Rather than print a book, we are going to expand on our web site to include much of what a book would.

Each week without travel, we will either add more "book" material, update current pages or continue to publish our Photo Collections. We just don't want to leave you hanging.

In Big Rig Bible we attempt to educate you in every basic thing you need to know if you would like to live in an RV full time. There are millions of folks that enjoy this lifestyle and our web site is geared toward them, whether newbie or experts. Please access our site Big Rig Bible and enjoy it. Just launch the page and click on Free Tour and travel North America with us.

Love, Pete, Ellen and Mandy

The Full Time Motorhome Living Guide

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