Favorite Photos #10, Michigan, Wisconsin, Mt. Rushmore and Yellowstone

We are still in Atascadero and will be here for a few more weeks. We bring you more of our favorite photos from our 2007 trip thru the Midwest.

The next four photos are from Ludington, Michigan. This young angler shows no fear and great stability as she enjoys her passion.

Ellen captures Pete coming across the Michigan Lake beach.

These houses face west looking over Lake Michigan.

The Ludington Marina is beautifully landscaped.

Water trampolines on "Lake of the Woods" in Decatur, Michigan

To be respectful we did not let the Amish family know they were being photographed in Shipshewana, Indiana. They were just too cute to not get a picture.

The steeple on the Notre Dame University campus.

Ceiling of the Notre Dame Golden Dome.

Home of the Notre Dame Fighting Irish Basketball Team.

While Pete was photographing the Duck Boat tour of the Wisconsin Dells, he managed to capture one of the other guests sunning herself.

George, John, Paul and Ringo, George, Thomas, Teddy and Abe with a nature-provided picture frame.

Yellowstone River

Enjoy the beauty of Lower Yellowstone Falls, no drought here!

An early morning scooter ride into Yellowstone. The animals like to come out in the morning and at dusk.

The Elks can be aggressive if trapped, but mostly like to run away.

The "Not Sure of the Name Rapids" in Yellowstone.

This cross in inside of a six-person church at Meditation Point, Hwy 89 along the Yellowstone River, outside the National Park.

Mammoth Hot Springs near the North Yellowstone Park entrance.

Yellowstone River.

Bison grazing and lazing in Yellowstone.

We hope you have enjoyed your time and we'll be back next week.

Love, Pete, Ellen and Mandy

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