Favorite Photos #7 Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maine and Montreal

This week we are visiting our Atascadero children and next week we will head to Paradise to visit Emily and Chad. Since we travel the same paths in California, we offer you favorite photos from our 2007 East Coast trip.

While our exact memories are fading this New England town was delightful as we weaved the Mothership through the traffic.

One of a thousand harbors that dot the coast of the Atlantic.

The Pilgrim Monument in Provincetown, Massachusetts. Provincetown is on the very northern tip of Cape Cod.

Concord, Massachusetts has many unique and historic buildings.

A beautiful office at 30 Monument Square in Concord, MA. Today (2015) you can rent this 9,500 sqft building for just $20,583.00 dollars per month. Come and get it!

One of the structures at Fruitlands, the Utopian agrarian commune in Harvard, MA created by Amos Bronson Alcott and Charles Lane. After seven months of trying to live off the land and consuming no animal products, this socialist experiment failed. But, it survives as a museum.

Another Massachusetts beautifully decorated building.

This is a modern recreation of Longfellows Wayside Inn Grist Mill. It was commissioned by Henry Ford and built in 1929. It is still in use today as a mill and tours are available.

The Piscataqua Bridge spans the river of the same name and took the Mothership from Portsmouth, New Hampshire to Kittery, Maine.

The MotherShip was happy to park in Sanford, Maine as we searched for a lobster lunch.

Sunset in Montreal taken from the French restaurant where we had no idea what was on the menu. Parlez-vous francais ? No, not even un poco!

A blend of ornate signage and modern skyscraper in Montreal.

A portion of the 20 miles of tunnels in Montreal's Underground City. Very clean!

One of the many shopping malls accessible from the tunnels.

While we chose to show this photo, it is not special, just typical of Montreal's architecture.

Unbeknownst to us, this 66' mahogany yacht is quite unique. Today we googled her and came up with this link: Consolidated Commuter Yacht Dolphin

You might think we were trying to capture the beauty of this young Quebecer. And she was not shy. But we were actually trying to snap a photo of the mime street performer.

The remaining photos are a tiny percentage of the artistic structures you can view in this city.

Thanks for coming along down 2007 memory lane. We'll continue with our Favorite Photos collections until we can bring you new venues.

With love, Pete, Ellen and Mandy.

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