Favorite Photos #2

As we remain at home with family for Christmas, we bring you Favorite Photos #2.

Ellen climbing the chains to reach the top of Angel's Landing in Zion National Park.

This bird had an easier trip to the top of the landing.

The rocks here are natural but look like a movie set.

Virgin River on the floor of the Zion canyon.

Lake Havasu RV Resort

Another slightly more enhanced RV resort. The water in the background is part of the one and one half mile waterway at MotorCoach Country Club in Indio, California. The patio and pool belong to an owner of a site on the water.

It is rather impossible to get a bad picture at this resort. We show you three of the fifty that we could have.

The last of the MotorCoach Country Club photos.

This resort is down the street in Indio.

This photo was taken late November overlooking the San Diego Harbor.

Also the harbor.

These buildings in downtown San Diego are definitely pieces of art!

Our good friend and professional photographer, Pete Boonisar (http://www.pboonisar.com/) can teach anyone, even us, how to take extraordinary photos. One of the concepts is to take photos at different times of the day. The next four photos of San Diego Harbor illustrate the time concept well.

This photo was take at 6:40 in the evening.

Seven minutes later at 6:47 pm.

6:49 pm!

And five minutes more, it looked like this. Thank you Peter for all your expertise.

None of these photos have been enhanced. We have, for the second time, sent these photos at 1280 pixels wide. Are they too big for your monitor? Only two of our hundred viewers reported back last week that the photos need be scrolled. What about you?

Last week was cold and rainy. This week was partly sunny with cool mornings, warming in the afternoon and turning chilly by dusk. "Did you want to talk about the weather or were you just making chitchat?" (Bill Murray as Phil Connors, "Ground Hog Day") "Chit Chat!".

Love, Pete, Ellen Mandy

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