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Motorhome Maintenance

The beauty of full timing is there is no landscaping, painting or hauling the trash to the street. But your motorhome is the most complicated vehicle you will ever own. And it needs periodic maintenance to keep it healthy.

Inspect problems immediately: In 1967 Pete had a 55 Chevy that stopped shifting into 3rd gear. He drove it for months, on the freeway in 2nd gear (ouch!). Finally, he set aside a weekend to repair what he thought were bad "synchros". When he crawled under the car, he found a loose shifter linkage. In 10 minutes the car was fixed and third gear worked again. Check all problems right away. There might be a simple fix. If not, then you can decide to postpone maintenance if it won't hurt to wait.

Maintenance Schedule: Your motorhome, appliance and accessory manuals each have their own schedule for maintenance. We have combined these schedules into one.

Our companion web site Tell Me Daily is Your Life Scheduler. It will schedule all services for your motorhome, generator, car, truck, jeep or motorcycle. In addition it can schedule one time tasks, recurring events such as birthdays and anniversaries and shopping lists. Big Rig Bible members get a free membership to Tell Me Daily.

Service Locations: Coach Care can work on any motorhome. Your manufacturer's web site should have a list of service locations.


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