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Finding Campgrounds & RV Parks

If we are traveling and looking for a park for a few days, we search in the order on this page until we find a park we like. We rarely reserve and we only pay for one night to start. On the second day we decide how long to stay.

Elks Lodges

Join the Elks; it takes a few months. The link Elks RV Parking lists lodges that have posted their RV parking. That site is a good start, but many lodges not on the list will accommodate you. We use link for all lodges Elks Lodges. They may not have posted but might welcome you to stay. They may even drag out a power cable for you! See Elks visits for a list of lodges we have stayed at up through May 2014.

Membership Parks

Passport America You pay an annual fee, it is worth it! Each year they add more quality parks.

Escapees Parks. You pay an annual fee, well worth it if you travel in these areas.

Free Directories

Good Sam Club

All Stays or $$ Pro Version

Campground Reviews

RV Park Hunter

RV Parky

Government Parks

Reserve America. Government parks are listed here. Optional sign up.

Renting at Ownership Parks

These are the nicest parks and include resorts like Outdoor Resorts, Ozarks Luxury RV Resort and Stone Ridge RV/Golf.

Parks we have visited and rated: These are the RV parks that we have visited, listed by state and rated.

Detailed Directions

Finding Parks Tutorial

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