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Why Buy a Motorhome?

Why travel in an RV versus car/hotels or planes/hotels?

1. You sleep in your bed, use your own bathroom and have all your belongings, therefore no packing or forgetting items.
2. Forget high fuel prices! The cost of RV travel with eating in, is substantially below travel using hotels and restaurants.
3. Save time not looking for rest stops, restaurants and hotels.
4. Travel at your own speed. Stop in small towns, big towns or between towns. You are not confined to hotel/motel choices.

Why a motorhome versus a 5th wheel?

Both get you to your destination and we have owned and enjoyed both. For full timing we prefer the class A, big rig, motorhome:
1. Your views are better as you sit up higher. Views are especially phenomenal with a one-piece front windshield.
2. You can quickly stop and use the bathroom. Your co-pilot can do this while you drive.
3. Your co-pilot can grab you a snack as you travel. Does it get any better than that?

4. If you do not tow, you can travel at higher legal speeds and you can use the car pool lanes!
5. When your temperature-controlled travel is over, your home is already comfortable. A fifth wheel can be cold or hot.
6. RV Park set up is quicker and easier. You can level the home without wheel chocks and blocks.
7. You can boondock in questionable places (we rarely do) and be able to drive off without getting out of your motorhome.

Why should a full timer buy a diesel motorhome?

1. The diesel will get better MPG.
2. The drive is quiet as the diesel engine is 30 feet behind the cockpit, not under it. And the cockpit is cooler.
3. The heavier diesel motorhome is far less affected when passing semis or being blown by high winds.
4. The torque of the diesel keeps it chugging up hills when gas rigs can be slowed to a crawl.
5. Diesel engines can go hundreds of thousands of miles more than gas engines.

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